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  • Why and How You Should Use a VPN

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    This resource explains why VPNs are instrumental in eliminating the risk of public wired and wireless connections; how to use VPN at home and on the go; and how to choose a VPN provider.

  • Use Case: Secure Internet Access for 71,000 Australian Students

    Sponsored by: Websense, Inc.

    This white paper describes a use case involving an Australian educational in need of a centralized, scalable solution in order to distribute materials to 45,000 users per day in safe, easily accessible manner.

  • Use Case: Scaling a University's Intrusion Detection System to Support 30,000 Users

    Sponsored by: Gigamon

    This white paper explores a use case in which a major research university needed to upgrade its intrusion detection system (IDS) to secure 30,000 users and monitor tens of gigabits of internet traffic each second.

  • Web Application Firewalls vs. Next-Generation Firewalls

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    This white paper compares the ability of two different types of firewalls—Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)—to protect web applications from security threats.

  • The Devices Are Coming! How the "Internet of Things" Will Affect IT

    Sponsored by: Cox Communications, Inc.

    This informative report provides insight into what others are (or aren't) doing to prepare for the invasion of internet-connected devices in the workplace, as well as the changes that your enterprise should anticipate in the coming years.

  • Secure internet routing

    Sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com

    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security series assesses whether Resource Public Key Infrastructure can provide a framework for effective security.

  • Expert Guide to Secure Web Gateways

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Investments in secure Web gateways (SWG) are on the rise because traditional firewalls don't stop all attacks against enterprise systems. Don't waste another minute researching SWG feature options. Participate in our brief survey and waiting for you is your complimentary e-guide that outlines why SWG is worth the investment.

  • Global Risks 2014

    Sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com

    Cybercrime and the potential fragmentation of the internet are among the most serious risks  facing businesses and governments in 2014, this report from the World Economic Forum reveals.

  • How Can You Avoid a Web Security Breach? It's All in the Preparation

    Sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com

    In this e-guide, from SearchCompliance.com, discover simple steps in order to avoid web security breaches.

  • Secure Web Gateways Decision Center

    Sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com

    This Decision Center will help sort the different feature options and deployment challenges and help you bring efficiency to your threat management programs by centralizing Web-based security and stop managing numerous standalone Web security products.

  • SearchSecurity.com University: Why SSL Certificate Security Matters

    Sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com

    In this Security School lesson, you'll learn about specific methods used to exploit SSL and how to defend against them.

  • Securely Implement and Configure SSL to Ward Off SSL Vulnerabilities

    Sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com

    Expert Nick Lewis, CISSP, information security architect as Saint Louis University, covers in this e-guide how to implement and configure SSL's to ward off vulnerabilities within your organization.

  • Tackling SSL Vulnerabilities for Secure Online Transactions

    Sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com

    As internet commerce continues to grow in leaps and bounds, so too does the type and sophistication of cyber-attacks. This expert E-Guide takes a detailed look at recent security breaches and examines the steps that businesses must take to protect themselves and their customers.

  • How To Secure Online Activities

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    The Internet is not automatically a secure or safe place to be. However, if one system's security is more daunting to overcome than another's, then attackers might focus on the system that is easier to compromise.

  • 802.1x - Implementing and Deploying Methods

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    You may have heard concerns or nightmare stories about 802.1X, but with the tools we have today and the method of implementation, this can be seamless in an environment and far exceeds any compliance requirements you may have.

  • Banca Intesa Counters Threats with HP ArcSight

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    Explore how Banca Intesa, Serbia's leading bank, stays one step ahead of cyber-crime with the help of their security information and event management (SIEM) solution and HP ArcSight – which correlates info across their entire infrastructure.

  • Internet-Scale Identity Systems:An Overview and Comparison

    Sponsored by: Ping Identity Corporation

    This white paper provides an overview of the benefits of implementing an Internet-based identity system and explores the similarities, differences and synergies among the top technologies and initiatives available.

  • The Tangled Web of Data Privacy Issues

    Sponsored by: Thawte Inc.

    In this expert e-guide from SearchCIO.com, discover how IT executives are handling data privacy issues on the web. Also, learn how public-sectors CIOs are hiring in the changing IT workforce, the future of cloud, what exactly users are up to on the web and more.

  • SSL Certificate Management: Avoiding Common Mistakes

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This expert e-guide explores the most common mistakes in implementing and managing SSL certificates, and how to avoid them.

  • Website Security Threat Report, Part Two

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This website security threat report focuses on the threats that impact your website and online business. Access this resource to understand the threat landscape and understand how you can protect your company and your infrastructure.

  • September CIO Decisions Ezine: Architecting a Nimble Enterprise

    Sponsored by: SearchCIO.com

    Agile and lean are the cornerstones of many a successful IT strategy, but what if a CIO works in a sector that hasn't yet embraced the agile enterprise?

  • eBook: Data Security in the E-discovery Process

    Sponsored by: Dell and VMware

    In this e-book from SearchCompliance.com, find expert advice that will help you ease the pain – and the cost – of e-discovery, as well as tips and tactics for bridging the gap between e-discovery and data security.

  • The New Phishing Attack: How to Avoid Taking the Bait

    Sponsored by: Websense

    Can you tell the difference between legitimate emails and phishing attempts? Unfortunately, new phishing strategies can circumvent traditional email security defenses. This guide details where traditional approaches fall short, and outlines recommendations for email security success.

  • Webroot Projects Appleby as it Grows into the Largest Offshore Law Firm in the World

    Sponsored by: Webroot

    This case study describes how the leading offshore law firm Appleby Global leveraged the right security service in order to overcome the security challenges introduced by business growth – including web policy inconsistency, managerial complexity, and more.

  • Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This report reveals the latest information about today's top security vulnerabilities and threats – from targeted attacks and exploits to spam and phishing – to help you keep your organization safe. View now to learn more!

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